Products - Protective Gown Level 2


Fiber content: Polyester
Colors: WHITE
Base Type: Thermally bonded nonwoven
Film Type: Polyurethane Film
Adhesive: Type: Blend of Polyamide & Polyester
Base Weight: 1.25 oz/yd² (42 g/m² ) 0.80 oz/yd²
Film Weight: (27 g/m²) 2.05 oz/yd²
Total Weight: (69.9 g/m²) ±10%
Thickness: 0.009 in ( 0.2 mm ) ±10%
Tensile Strength: MD: Not applicable / tbd CD: Not applicable / tbd
Elongation MD: Not applicable / tbd CD: Not applicable / tbd
Water Penetration: 0.07g average water penetration — AATCC-42
Hydrostatic Pressure: 79.6g average hydrostatic pressure — AATCC-127
Applications: Gowns, Protective Medical Apparel
Special Characteristics: Resistance of materials in protective clothing to penetration by synthetic blood — ASTM F1670-B **
Additional Notes: Passes Level 2 of AAMI Surgical gown requirements

Important Notice:
Preliminary specification and is subject to change without notice -All technical information is based on in-house testing